Multilingual slideshow - version 1.0

A slideshow is a simple solution to present pictures in a defined order.

This special object is made for integrating an AJAX-based slideshow to your website.
It can contain as many pictures as you want.
The slideshow has a title and an abstract in the head of the page.
You can add a caption, description and author to each picture.
The time how long one picture is shown can be defined by the author.

The number of the actual picture and the possibility to halt or continue the slideshow is also displayed.

The module is designed to support multilingualism, so you can translate your slideshow in as many languages as you like.
We have predefined three stylesheets, you can choose from. And if you do not like ours, you can define your own.

Developer: michael.schaefer@zeitec.de, July 2006

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